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Is Volume Pill a scam product?

Volume Pills Review- Does It Work?

Volume Pills is essentially on of the markets top products for those who have a problem with the amount of semen they produce. Poor semen production will affect your confidence in bed, but it can do more than that and even affect fertility – the amount produced may be so little that it may be hard to conceive a child.

It’s a common and serious problem and thus the rapid advancement in the industry, creating winning products such as Volume Pills and Performer 5.

Volume Pills was the top semen enhancement product for a long time, and has been trusted in the industry and by thousands of users for years. It’s only recently that Volume Pills saw any competition – Performer 5, with its top formula has now become the leading brand.

Claims of Volume Pills

  1. Your partner will definitely be more satisfied; they enjoy sex more and therefore want more, and also you will be able to give more of it.
  2. It generates whole body exploding orgasms.
  3. The increased volume of semen will always allow you to reach peak sexual climax.
  4. The sperm quality and motility are increased.
  5. Your erection is much harder.

How Volume Pill Works ?

The creator, G. Alexander, created it to achieve its purpose by using a number of natural ingredients to achieve 2 important principles:

 It increases blood circulation within the penis. It will cause capillaries that lead to the penis to dilate and therefore direct more blood there. The result is a stronger, firmer erection.

 It will boost testosterone levels, causing the body to produce more semen. Increased semen means more ejaculate. You also have higher chances of being fertile and potent.

Ingredients List

  1. Solidilin: It enhances the sexual satisfaction and releases a pleasure enhancing stimulus in the brain.
  2. Hong Hua Fen and Xi lan rou gui: These are vasodilators that increase circulation of blood to the penile area.
  3. Ku Gua: It increases testosterone levels and boost in semen volume.
  4. Trihydroxyflavone and Embilica officinalis: It keeps penis healthy as well as potent until old age.
  5. San Guo Mu: It helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
  6. Dong Chong Xia Cao: It maintains sex drive and increases testosterone production.
  7. Zinc Oxide: It enhances mobility as well as quality of sperms in the semen.
  8. Ling Zhi: It’s known to increase sexual stamina.
  9. Xian Mao: It’s a safe aphrodisiac and nature’s alternative to medicines like Viagra.
  10. Drilizen: It increases and regulates the production of testosterone.

Safety and Risks

Just like Performer 5, Volume Pills has been passed as safe for use by the medical establishment. All the ingredients in it are natural and safe and effective in treating sexual impotence and boosting sexual performance in men. There is yet to be a case for Volume Pills to indicate that it’s unsafe.


You will need to take 2 pills every day an hour before meals in order to see its effects. To see maximum gain, you must use Volume Pills continuously for 6 months. The increase is gradual – within a month you will notice an increase in semen production and sex drive. This is the most marked difference between Volume Pills and Performer 5; with Performer 5, you see results within days, not weeks.

Long and Short…

Volume Pills has been around for a while and will get the job done. It’s natural and has no side effects, and it comes with a great guarantee of money back if you are not satisfied. The only thing that stops it from becoming the top rated sexual enhancement product in the market is the presence of much more powerful and equally safe Performer 5.

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